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Wrought Iron Swirl Wall Candle Sconces

What a lovely decorative item this is. The contrast between the solid functionality of the material and the soft curvy shape it has been molded into creates an interesting effect that does indeed please the eye. These candle holders can add an attractive detail to a room, without taking up any floor or shelf space […]

Meditation Tea Table Ideas

Do you need a place to focus on one experience at a time, to truly savor the flavor and texture and temperature of life, and help you to be fully present and in the “now”? Do you simply have great taste in decor, and hold Japanese traditional home design in high esteem? Harmony In Design […]

How To DIY Simple Pallet Chair

A house will look more complete and beautiful with the furniture. One of them is a chair. The chair does not only function as a seat but also complements the decoration of a room. Making a chair yourself will be a great satisfaction. How to build a DIY pallet chair | Easy to Make Pallet […]

17 Best Trex Deck Ideas

Having a nice and comfortable deck behind the house is one of the best features of the house. A deck can also be used to relax with and your family, husband / wife and children, Maybe you like entertaining on your deck with meetings with friends and cooking. 17 Gorgeous Trex Composite Decking Ideas Are […]