Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

During the Christmas celebration season, the Christmas tree is the center of attention in your room, and Christmas decorations are one of the most important priorities. Layout your room with innovative ideas for the Christmas tree, add favorite trinkets and finishing touches to your tree to make it look perfect. 18 Images Christmas Tree Decoration […]

18+ Stylish Home Bars Ideas

Unlike living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens that must be in every home, the existence of a bar in the house is more optional. Even so, it must be admitted, the existence of a bar at home will be a plus point in itself. A home bar can be a fun hangout place with family […]

DIY ‘Peppermint Pattie’ Lip Balm

After a little experimenting, I’m proud to say that this cool and refreshing lip balm turned out perfectly!   Creating DIY oils and balms is like baking.  The amounts of each ingredient, and how you blend them, really matters.  I tried a few different combinations, and came up with the ideal DIY ‘Peppermint Pattie’ lip […]

Homemade Body Oil, Body Mist and Toner

How to make your own beauty treatments. This is the second installment of ‘Habitat at Home’ homemade beauty treatments.  I am having such a wonderful time making these!  These are all-natural products, made easily at home, with wonderful results! Today, I have made a ‘Sweet Orange Trio’. ‘The Sweet Orange Trio’ 1. Lavender and Sweet […]

How To Remodel a Modern Bathroom!

Everyone would want to have a beautiful and clean house. Including the bathroom room at home. The bathroom is one important part. A clean and beautiful bathroom will certainly be more comfortable to use. So, do you want to renovate it to make it look clean, beautiful and be like new again? Old Bathroom Remodeling […]

Bubble Bath, Face Mask and Body Scrub

This is the third installment of ‘Habitat at Home’ Beauty Treatments. Previously, I gave you recipes for: 1. Make-up Remover & Age Spot Remover 2. Body Oil, Body Mist & Toner Now, it’s Bath Time! 1. How to Make a Hydrating Bubble Bath 2. How to Make Cellulite-Fighting Body Scrub 3. How to […]

Getting Back to Healthy

Cooking at home: Focusing more on the process and benefits, rather than calories and ease. In recent weeks (okay months), I have not been very good about creating a healthy food environment in our household…at all. It’s been frozen pizza and spaghetti. More spaghetti and more frozen pizza. Friday night supermarket sushi, and red wine. […]