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Watercolor Easter Eggs

Using watercolor for easter eggs this year, really opened the door to new egg design possibilities! Here, you’ll see 3 easy egg painting techniques, you can try out yourself. 1.Tie-Dye Eggs My 3-year-old helped me paint these tie-dye eggs.  All you have to do, is paint the egg one color of choice.  Then, with a wet […]

Watercolor Thank You cards

How to make your own Thank You cards. As a follow-up to the watercolor Christmas cards, I’ve created ‘Thank You’ cards along the same lines. Again, with a simple drawing which can be easily replicated.  This time, I have my new letter stamps! They were a Christmas present from my husband and I love them! […]

How to Arrange Your Living Room

Never underestimate how to arrange the living room in your house. The living room will give the first impression of the whole house. If the living room is not well organized it is usually considered to describe the whole house that is not well organized. there are still many who do not understand how to […]

Bedroom Fairy Lights Inspiration

Bedroom lights can be a decoration to add to the quality of sleep that is increasingly satisfying, ranging from simple style to stunning. bedroom lights can also bring inspirational nuances as well as relaxation to make it more comfortable. The look of the Bohemian style really provides the perfect comfort for the bedroom. Patterns and […]