9 Christmas Wall Art Decor

December has arrived. This means that many places such as supermarkets, malls, streets and more will be full of Christmas decorations. This atmosphere will certainly provide Christmas cheerfulness and warmth. And you must also decorate the house for this year’s Christmas celebration, right? What style of Christmas decorations do you use in your home? The Suitefortyfive […]

Introducing Business to Preschoolers

How to introduce business concepts to a child. In the past year, I’ve been trying to teach my three year-old the concept of money and commerce.  Not always easy to grasp for a first-world kid, growing up in the land of consumerism and excess. She sees the swipe of a magic plastic card, and “bipity-bopity-boo!” we’ve got […]

Inspired at ‘Naturalist’s Notebook’

A wonderful arts and science store in Maine. To always be thinking of the next fun project, a person occasionally needs some external stimulus and inspiration. I definitely stumbled upon that in this wonderful store in Seal Harbor, Maine. ‘Naturalist’s Notebook’ pulls inspiration from the worlds of sciences and arts, then blends them together into […]

Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas

Everyone certainly wants a luxurious and beautiful room decoration in accordance with the dream, but often the budget becomes an obstacle. Home remodeling according to the budget is often an annoying thing because it has to rotate ideas harder. But home improvement at a low price does not mean it cannot look beautiful and stylish. […]

Kids Wall Art

Decorating kids children’s room walls is an easy, inexpensive and non-exhaustive way to make the walls creative, cool and very contemporary. The room complete with wall decoration will look more attractive than the room with a plain wall. Decorating the walls of kid’s rooms will create a pleasant atmosphere for children. So that the child […]

Interior Design Mockup

Organizing a home with an interior that suits us will add happiness and a comfortable home atmosphere. with good interior decoration will also make us more comfortable at home. You can apply design innovation innovations in spatial planning to overcome problems in home interior design, both with creative ideas that you have yourself and through […]

17 Toddler Boy Room Decor

The design of a boy’s room is certainly different from the design of rooms for girls. Designing a room for boys should use a design that suits the character and taste of your baby. At a certain age, children will begin to need a room to sleep on their own and when the age moves […]