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Outdoor Housing For Horses

Manicured, quality grass paddocks and a dividable large field make for plenty of turnout. The four, large permanent paddocks have automatic watering systems and state-of-the-art fencing and two of the paddocks are designed to be divided into four, still large paddocks with convenient standpipes. An irrigation system is installed throughout the facility accompanied by ten […]

Horse Stable Designs

The top-of-the-line CBS barn was built in 2006 with tongue and groove finished cathedral ceiling and a tiled roof complimented by a working cupola and weather vane. The 7 spacious, locking matted stalls measure at 12′ x 14′ and include functioning Dutch doors that lead to the outside. The 14′ wide aisles are accompanied by […]

A Christmas card with heart

How to make christmas cards with watercolors. Christmas cards. Many of us are accustomed to taking to the computer screen for this annual chore. We have so many photos to pick from, and so many great companies who will print them and send them with a push of a button.  Seems easy enough. However, with […]

How to make a tulle garland

How to make a tulle garland to spice up any party or kids room decor. 1. Cut out a cardboard doughnut approximately 6″ across. The larger the doughnut, the larger the pompom will be. (You can also create a large pompom to hang on it’s own with this method, using a 12″ cardboard cutout). 2. […]

Halloween’s ‘Corpse Bride’

For this year’s Halloween costume, I came up with such an EASY, NO-SEW way of achieving a high impact look.  The only problem was deciding how scary or sweet to make it.  And boy, did we find both extremes!  We finally settled on a happy medium,  with this ‘Corpse Bride’ look, but it’s up to […]