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Glass Terrarium Container

The limited land we have is not an obstacle to maintaining ornamental plants. The terrarium can be a solution, the terrarium presents artistic and beauty value in glass bottles that cannot be found on plants that are simply planted in pots and placed on stacking shelves. What is a Terrarium? A terrarium or vivarium is […]

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

One of the favorite elements of decorating the entrance of the house during the Christmas celebration is the decoration of flower arrangements or plants formed by a circle. This flower arrangement called wreath can be assembled from a variety of plants and flowers. Each Christmas door decoration certainly has diverse and unique creations. But Christmas […]

Modern Living Room Ideas

Every guest who visits our home, the first time he visits is the guest room. The small living room should not be a constraint in design, you can do a number of brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room. Modern Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design One design for minimalist living room decor […]

Bathroom Layout Design

A clean, neat and beautiful bathroom will make you more comfortable and relaxed when and after you use it. Without realizing the bathroom is a room will also affect your mood at home, so the choice of bathroom style is certainly very influential. Then what kind of bathroom style do you choose at home? Is […]

White and Black Kitchen

Black, white and gray are colors that have a neutral impression. This color is much favored as a beautiful looking color for a room in the house, including the kitchen. This color also shows a cool and stunningly stylish room, which will certainly make your kitchen space look elegant. but in order not to be […]

Small Front Garden Ideas

The existence of a park in front of the house can make your home look more beautiful and beautiful. For those of you who are confused because they have limited land for parks, a minimalist home garden can be a suitable choice. But making a minimalist garden design in a narrow area is indeed easy. […]