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Bathroom Layout Design

A clean, neat and beautiful bathroom will make you more comfortable and relaxed when and after you use it. Without realizing the bathroom is a room will also affect your mood at home, so the choice of bathroom style is certainly very influential. Then what kind of bathroom style do you choose at home? Is […]

Halloween’s ‘Corpse Bride’

For this year’s Halloween costume, I came up with such an EASY, NO-SEW way of achieving a high impact look.  The only problem was deciding how scary or sweet to make it.  And boy, did we find both extremes!  We finally settled on a happy medium,  with this ‘Corpse Bride’ look, but it’s up to […]

6 Creative DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween annual celebrations that held every October 31 is getting closer. It feels like I’m looking forward to welcoming Halloween. Halloween is indeed associated with scary things, for those people will usually do spooky-style home decorations to hold parties. Halloween was originally only celebrated in Scotland and Ireland and has now become a celebration that […]

Fall DIY Crafts

Fall is my favorite time of year! Who’s with me? You can’t beat the cool, crisp air, vibrant autumn leaves, corn mazes, and pumpkin spice everything that accompany these few delightful months. However, if you live in Florida, the season is not so clearly defined. For us Floridians, fall means temperatures in the 70’s and […]