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Wall Clock Decor

Wall clocks can be a part of decorating in your home, maybe in living room, bedroom, or lounge. Choose a wall clock that has a unique and artistic design, if you don’t find it at the seller you can make a custom wall clock tailored to the concept of the room and your ideas. Unique […]

Spring Cleaning

March has finally arrived!  Spring Cleaning will soon be upon us.  To avoid a nose-full of crazy chemicals, while you tackle your chore list, I have created 3 simple ‘Habitat at Home’ NATURAL cleaner recipes for you; plus a nice room spray to use at the end. They are all very effective and safe. To supplement […]

A Father’s Day Craft

This was the first time I’ve worked with clay since I can remember, and it was so fulfilling!  The feeling of using your hands to mold clay, just can’t be beat.  The world is your oyster with the things you can create.  Plus, there are so many easy clays to work with, right out of your […]

Wood Shelving Ideas

With a storage area we can store all items concisely in their place. This can be a solution for those of you who have a limited dimension of space, because nowadays it is not unusual for many people to have a narrow house. Wood shelves storage organization design Wooden shelves are the right choice to […]

Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

One of the favorite elements of decorating the entrance of the house during the Christmas celebration is the decoration of flower arrangements or plants formed by a circle. This flower arrangement called wreath can be assembled from a variety of plants and flowers. Each Christmas door decoration certainly has diverse and unique creations. But Christmas […]

Bathroom Layout Design

A clean, neat and beautiful bathroom will make you more comfortable and relaxed when and after you use it. Without realizing the bathroom is a room will also affect your mood at home, so the choice of bathroom style is certainly very influential. Then what kind of bathroom style do you choose at home? Is […]